NIS-TR – Accurate temperature sensor

NIS-TR – Accurate temperature sensor

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This resistance temperature sensor returns high accuracy and low drift temperature levels via LoRa or SigFox networks. It is suitable for temperature precision applications. This device is provided with external RTD / PT100 (4wires / 1.5m cable) probe.


  • –Dimension: 60 x 33 x 85mm (109mm including fixing brackets)
  • –IP65 classified
  • –Handles 100Ω to 1kΩ (at 0°C) platinum RTDs probes (PT100 to PT1000)
  • –2-wires, 3-wires or 4-wires available connections
  • –Total accuracy over all operating conditions: 0.5°C (0.05% of full scale) max
  • –Battery operation
  • –For European, Japan, North America markets
  • –Certified LoRaWan 1.0.2 class A & C and SigFox networks

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EU, Japan, US / Canada

Wireless technology

LoRa, LoRa + Sigfox, Sigfox