NIS-IO – I/O Digital sensor

NIS-IO – I/O Digital sensor

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This sensor sends back via LoRa or SigFox networks, digital state received at its input and configures via its output a new digital state to the connected devices (LoRa WAN Class C version). It is suitable in a state machine system monitoring in factory.


  • ––Dimension: 60 x 33 x 85mm (109mm including fixing brackets)
  • –IP65 classified
  • –Battery operation
  • –For European, Japan, North America markets
  • –Certified LoRaWan 1.0.2 EU class A & C and SigFox networks
  • –Input Electrical Characteristics
    • –Two modes selectable with jumper: voltage level detection, polarity agnostic or integrated pull-UP for dry contact input
    • –Maximum Input Voltage +/-35V
    • –Detection level +/- 1.8V
    • –Opto-isolated 3750 Vrms
  • –Output Electrical Characteristics
    • –Maximum Voltage 42V
    • –ON resistance 50mΩ
    • –Nominal load current 3A


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EU, Japan, US / Canada

Wireless technology

LoRa, LoRa + Sigfox, Sigfox

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