More than 150 European companies use our products, from modules to devices, for their own IoT applications …


NEMEUS know-how and ready to use products allow to deploy quiclky wireless sensors and gateways for factory domain, giving better ROI than traditional wired sensors by reducing drastically deployement time and application costs.

Most of these devices are “plug&play” solutions embedding directly sensors to measure temperature, hygrometry, acceleration, etc…
We also provide usual industrial interfaces like 4/20mA, 0/10v and digital input/output to increase possibilities by adding your own industrial probes like pressure gauges, flow sensors, etc …

A large bio-chemistry company needed to regularly monitor the temperature variation of several tens of « fridges »containing added value products without having personal staying close to them every time, especially during week-end. Their objective was to have an alert message send by SMS to dispatch a personal on site to take quick action in event of fridge failure.

In this context, NEMEUS has proposed and deployed a private LoRa WAN network based on the MG003-L-EU gateway and autonomous NIS-TR-LS-EU temperature sensors. A Custom applicative software was in charge of analysing/logging the temperature value sent periodically by sensors and sending SMS message in case of abnormal events.


NEMEUS has been involved, as module provider or HW/SW/RF design consultant, on several SMART-CITY projects such as Energy monitoring,