XM001-EU module

XM001-EU module

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The XM001-xx-EU is a family of long-range and low power wireless modules operating on ISM 868Mhz unlicensed band. With interferers’ robustness and low power consumption, it is the best solution for applications requiring long range, maximum battery lifetime and secure radio link. This module integrates the MM002-xx-EU module on a standard XBEE format.


  • –Modulation : LoRa™ / SIGFOX™/ FSK
  • –Maximum output power +14 dBm
  • –Power efficient :
    • –IDLE : < 2uA
    • –Tx : 39,5mA (for LoRa™) to 50mA (for SigFox™)
    • –Rx : 11,7mA to 14mA
  • –Good buildings penetration
  • –Long Range protocol stack software (SIGFOX™ / LoRa WAN 1.0.2 EU Class A & C)
  • –Usable as Modem companion
  • –RoHS conform
  • –Pre-certified EN 300 220 / RED directive
  • –Options (on request to NEMEUS team / support@nemeus.fr) :
    • –Shield cover
    • –+20dBm output power
    • –Embedded software customization

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